In order to compensate for unemployment, work hours have been shortened temporarily for students. The working hours have been lowered for both new and current students, and secondary applicants.

Students are able to work prior to the beginning of their academic studies.

They can work during their studying hours, and take on more than 40 hours, if they want and wish to, they can contribute to any area that is part of the economy.

Students will be able to work for as long as they wish from now on (April 22, 2022) until further notice.

Not just those who have student visas, however, also student visa dependents and partners will enjoy these benefits and will be able to start their work prior to the beginning of their courses.

Another good news For Australian international students with visas If a visa holder is in Australia during the period between 19 January between March 19 and 19 2022 the person will be eligible to receive a refund of their visa application fees. 

Students can apply for a refund prior to December 31 2022. Information on how and where to submit a request for a refund will be announced soon.

Since the announcement was made in the month of May 2021 there is no limit on the number of hours per week students from abroad work in the fields of hospitality, tourism and other industries.

The recent changes are believed to be the result of pressure on the government by different economic entities like the construction, building hospitality, agri-business, and construction industries and their leaders.

However, they must ensure they are aware of any new visa requirements, such as the ability to work. This clause is in effect until further notice is received from Australian Immigration.

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Some precautions 

Although you can work as long as you want, you need to balance your studies and work. Your first priority will be to study, followed by work or something else.

Students must still focus on these issues,

  • Timely enrollment of courses.
  • To ensure satisfactory course attendance and
  • Ensuring satisfactory course progress

Student visa holders who drop their names from the course, stop attending classes, or fail to make satisfactory course progress, will be deemed to have violated their visa requirements.

For more information visit the Australian Government Department of Home Affairs.

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