Australia is a fantastic country that provides migrants from all over the world promising professional prospects. I am sure it will be your great interest to read this amazing article about the Australian immigrant update.

After the Covid-19 pandemic, The Australian Government has declared a good news for immigrants. Migration to Australia will be much easier now!

If you’re thinking of your migration, I believe this article will be very helpful for you to get the basic idea about what category you are suitable for and how you need to prepare yourself to migrate.

Here I will discuss the update for some Post Pandemic Migration Program Planning Levels of Australia, that I found through my experience and research.


migration program planning levels


Migration to Australia Program planning levels

Skill stream

The Australian Government will focus on subsequent skilled immigration to restore Covid’s predecessor and recover from the loss of Covid’s time.

This will increase the total number of skill streams to 109,900, up 30,000 from the previous year 2021-22 plan level.

The Skill Stream includes employer-sponsored (30,000 seats), skilled independents (16,652 seats) and state and territory nominees (20,000 seats) from the 2021-22 planning level.

Regional visas will more than double in 25,000 places to support growth in regional Australia.

 The categories of Business Innovation and Investment (9,500 places), Global Talent (8,448 places) and Outstanding Talent (300 places) will ensure that Australia remains a preferred destination for the best and brightest individuals and entrepreneurs in the world.

 The job listings will be reviewed and updated early 2022-23 to reflect changes in the Australian labor market, based on recommendations from the National Skills Commission.


Skilled Stream Planning Levels

S. No

Visa Steam




Employer Sponsored




Regional Visas




State and Territory Nominated




Skilled Independent




Business and Innovation and Investment




Global Talent




Distinguished Talent










Family stream

As part of the Australian Government’s immigration program, Family Stream will provide approximately 50,000 places to support family reunification.

 It is estimated that the partner will issue 40,500 visas and 3,000 child visas. These visas i.e. delivery of partner and child visas will be subject to demand and visa processing requirements). There are 6,000 places for parental visas and 500 family visa facilities for other family members.


From 2022-23, partner visa processing will move to a demand driven model. This means that as the demand for these family visas increases; more visas will be issued.


The issuance of partner visas on a demand-driven basis will provide flexibility to meet the demand for partner visas annually and help future growth in the partner visa pipeline while maintaining immigration integrity.


100 places will be allocated for the Special Eligibility category. The stream covers visas for those in special circumstances, including permanent residents returning to Australia from abroad. In other words, it will play a special role in bringing back the Australian citizens who are abroad.


Working Holiday Makers

The Government acknowledges the importance of the visitor economy to Australia’s national prosperity. Australia has Working Holiday Maker (WHM) arrangements although

At the start of the pandemic, Scott Morrison told the backpackers to return home. But he is now welcoming them to fill the countries due to labor shortage.


Australia has Working Holiday Maker (WHM) system with 45 countries, with annual “caps” in 26 partner countries.

 The government will increase the number of WHMs by a one-off 30 per cent increase across the cap of all countries in 2022-23, which will “benefit Australian retail, hospitality, tourism and hotel operators”.

The budget states that these measures will “increase the underlying cash balance by $ 45 million over the next three years.”

In addition to this, international student and working holiday makers: their visa conditions and costs have changed.

International students who arrive before 19 March 2022 will be considered eligible for a refund of their visa application charges.



Humanitarian program

The government will launch humanitarian programs in 13,750 places in 2022-23.

 To support the regional settlement, the government has pledged to resettle 50% of the humanitarian entrants in regional Australia.

 Afghanistan – 665.9 million will be allocated in 4 years from 2022-23 for an additional 16,500 people for Afghan citizens.

 The Myanmar government will continue to work with international partners.

 Ukraine – The government will provide up to 4,000 Ukrainians with a three-year temporary humanitarian concern visa (subclass 786) throughout 2021-22 and 2022-23.


Youth Transition Support – 9.2 million will be provided to enhance existing youth transition support services from 12 months to 30 June 2023.


Human Rights Advocacy – 1 million will be available in 5 years from 2022-23 to establish a human rights advocacy program to provide up to ,000 100,000 in grants to human rights organizations to advance Australia’s human rights priorities (funded by DFAT).


Disposal Strategies and Reform of Services – From 1 July 2022, the government will reduce the current application rate for primary applicants in the Community Support Program by 40%, reducing visa application charges and removing it completely for secondary applicants. The number of places available in the program will also increase from 750 to 1,900 by 2024-25.


Attracting global talent

To attract talented individuals and international investment to Australia, the government will provide $ 19.5 million over 2022 23 years.


Allocation of Skilling Australian Fund (SAF)


$ 127 million has been allocated from the fund for training in high-demand occupations with a strong focus on skilled migration, future growth industry, rural and regional areas and apprentices and trainees.


Australian Agriculture Visa

 The Department for Regional Development will receive $ 15 million for operational staff over four years, 2024-25, to fight exploitation of workers and to increase prevention and enforcement activities aimed at reducing non-compliance rates under the project.


Temporary visa holder pilot experience violence


Temporary visas for victims of violence are funded by the Pilot Social Services Department, and $ 20.3 million has been provided to provide direct assistance to women on temporary visas for victims of violence.


This is how 160,000 migrants flow into Australia each year as floodgates open after Covid-19!


Since it’s a great easy migration opportunity offered by Australian government, one should take the full advantages of it and step ahead to fulfil their dreams in Australia!

 Moreover, I hope you enjoyed reading this article on Post Pandemic Migration Program Planning Levels of Australia and got some basic knowledge about the stream that suits you best! 

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