Australia is civilized with a high gross domestic product per capita and a low poverty rate. It provides a good standard of living, great education, and wide political rights, among other things.


The Australian economy is performing well at this time in 2022. The country has excellent job prospects and has attracted a large number of immigrants. That’s fantastic news for professionals, particularly those in the IT industry and others.


This list of the 15 most in-demand jobs in Australia in 2022 will be quite useful for individuals looking for work. We’ve also included a list of the most in-demand abilities to assist job searchers in determining what they need to do to improve their marketability.


Let us first grasp the work trend in Australia before we begin with the article “Most in demand Jobs in Australia.”

Australia – A Quick Sum up

Australia’s strong economic performance may be attributed to several factors, including its rising role as a major commercial power in the Asia-Pacific region and its ties to China and other fast-growing regional economies.

If you have the necessary skills and credentials, this speaks well for your job chances in IT and other fields. Let’s see what happens next. The density of High-Paying Jobs in Australia.

Australia’s Top 15 In Demand Jobs

Let’s take a look at the most sought-after careers in Australia in 2022. Here’s a list of 15 terrific possibilities for job searchers, along with pay ranges, organizations that are now recruiting, and information on career prospects.

most in-demand jobs in Autralia

1. IT Manager

These positions are less about “administrative administration” and more about your capacity to be a change agent through successful technology implementation.

Senior professionals here may earn an average of A$ 125,000 (about US$ 89,000) when consulting on maximizing business benefits from IT. According to job postings, there are around 8,000 such roles available.

2. IT Systems and Security Architect

The average salary in Australia is around A$ 140,000 (around US$ 99,000). Senior roles may come with a substantially greater salary. Various recruitment portals currently have 800-1,200 job openings across the country.

Our culture is becoming more conscious of the need to place a greater focus on overall IT security. As a result, there has never been a bigger need for competent IT Security Architects.

Experienced individuals in this field currently make an average salary of A$ 124,000 (about US$ 88,000). In this domain, there are roughly 166 job openings.

3. Software Developer

In Australia, there are several opportunities for competent software developers. If you have a strong software development portfolio and development expertise, you’ll be able to work with a wide range of organizations, from manufacturing to healthcare.

In this field currently make an average salary of A$51K to A$100K (about US$ 69,000) per year.

4. Cloud Engineers

Cloud Engineers may expect to make an average salary of A$ 112,000 (about US$ 79,000) in another field where demand and incomes are strong.

Vacancies in this field are likewise plentiful, with over 700 available across Australia.

5. Electrical Engineer

Electrical engineering abilities are in great demand in Australia right now, and many businesses are eager to hire qualified electrical engineers.

If you have an electrical engineering background, now is the time to brush up on your abilities and technical knowledge in order to improve your possibilities of qualifying for these positions. Electrical Engineers may expect to make an average salary of A$ 65K to A$ 120K per year (about US$ 83,000).

6. Data Scientist

Many system development and exploitation operations require data scientists. The typical remuneration for positions in this skills category is around A$ 100,000 (around US$ 70,000). There are also a lot of job openings — around 254 across the country.

7. IT Consultants

Experienced IT consultants, whether freelance or paid, are constantly in demand. An experienced consultant might make roughly A$ 80,000 (approximately US$ 57,000) on average. In Australia, there are more than 11,000 positions of this nature.

8. Civil Engineer

With increasing infrastructure needs and problems, there is a greater demand for competent and experienced civil engineers.

If you have a background in civil engineering and are searching for a new career in Australia, your chances are excellent. For fresh grads, there are several junior civil engineering employments available. An average salary of A$ 62K to A$ 110K per year (around US$ 76,000).

9. Human Resource Manager

In the recruiting, hiring, and onboarding processes, human resource managers play a critical role. They also give continuous training and make an effort to ensure that personnel is well-supported in their positions.

There is a rising demand for qualified and experienced human resource managers across Australia, in a range of industries, so this is a viable career path. The salary range of human resource managers is A$63K to A$130K per year (around 90,000 US$).

10. Supply and Distribution Manager

The retail business relies heavily on supply and distribution management. They’re in charge of planning, organizing, managing, and coordinating the supply of goods and services for various enterprises.

With the increased need for rapid and economical shipping throughout the county and around the world, qualified supply and distribution managers who really can oversee these operations are in high demand. The salary range is A$ 83,404 to A$ 137,724 per year (around 95,000)

11. Project Manager

Having a skilled project manager on your team may assist a wide range of businesses across Australia.

Project managers play a crucial role in keeping everyone engaged, productive, and on track toward their goals, from IT and web development businesses to marketing firms.

This career has a lot of potentials, especially as the employment market continues to improve. The salary range is A$ 61K to A$ 160K per year (around 111,000 US$)

12. Accountant

A firm may always benefit from having a competent accountant on staff, regardless of how big or small it is. Individuals might also hire accountants to assist them to manage their finances.

Because accountants can accomplish so much, there are a lot of career vacancies in Australia, many of which have a lot of opportunities for advancement. The average salary is A$ 50K to A$ 160K per year (around 110,000 US$)

13. Psychologist

Another example of high demand healthcare employment in Australia is that of a psychologist. Psychologists and mental health professionals are in more demand than ever before, and their job prospects are bright both now and in the future.

After all, individuals will always need and require high-quality mental health care. The average salary is A$60K to A$120K per year (around 83,000 US$)

14. Dentist

If you ever want to work in healthcare in Australia, a career in dentistry is an excellent option. There will always be a need for individuals to have their teeth examined and cared for by specialists, thus dentists have a bright future.

The average salary is A$69K to A$160K per year (around 111,000 US$)

15. Administrative Assistant

From healthcare to construction, businesses in all kinds of industries need the help of professional administrative assistants.

If you are very organized and detail-oriented, and if you don’t mind a front-facing position with lots of human interaction, you’ll find plenty of administrative assistant job openings now and in the future. The average salary is A$42K to A$74K per year (around 51,000 US$).

Is there anything that grabs your attention right now, after reading this list of Australia’s most in demand careers in 2022? If that’s the case, start strengthening your abilities and putting it all together with a cv so you may apply and boost your chances of being recruited!

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