Australian Government will provide at least 15,000 places for Afghan nationals, through the Humanitarian and Family Visa Program over four years.

This reflects a sustained commitment following Australia’s two decades of operations in the country.

This increased allocation includes 10,000 places for Afghan nationals within Australia’s existing Humanitarian Program and at least 5,000 visas within the Family Stream. 

Minister for Immigration, Citizenship, Migrant Services, and Multicultural Affairs Alex Hawke said this increased, multi-year commitment is a significant one, to meet our obligations and address the ongoing humanitarian situation in Afghanistan. It also follows the initial allocation of 3,000 places in August 2021. 

“The War in Afghanistan was Australia’s longest, and a humanitarian intake of this size reflects this.” “Our commitment to Afghan refugees will be second only in scale to our humanitarian intake from Syria and Iraq,” Minister Hawke said. 

“Today’s announcement of 15,000 places follows our initial allocation of 3,000 places to Afghanistan in August 2021, which, as we indicated then, was a floor and not a ceiling.

This continues to be the case. The Government will continue to monitor processing numbers and reserves the right to increase the program in future years, “Minister Hawke said.” 

“Since evacuations commenced from Kabul in August, more than 4,300 Afghan evacuees have been brought to Australia and are in the process of securing permanent visas over the coming months, as they establish their lives in their new home,” 

The Australian government has announced further measures to assist Afghan citizens after the withdrawal of the coalition or withdrawal from Afghanistan. 

Australian government will extend the current visa for 12 more months for those who have come to Australia from Afghanistan or are registered as refugees. Adopting the Australian permanent visa transfer process ensures continued access to the full range of government support services.

Australian humanitarian programs

Afghans will get the highest priority for Humanitarian Visas. 



Australian government has announced that an initial 3,000 humanitarian seats will be allocated to Afghans within Australia’s 13,750 annual humanitarian visa program. 

Afghan citizens will be given first priority under the Offshore Humanitarian Program and their visa processing will be given priority in the coming years (next 4 years). 

The government will focus on providing 3,000 humanitarian aid packages to oppressed minorities, including women and girls, children, and other vulnerable groups. 

Advantages for Afghan nationals in Australia

From now on, any Afghan citizen living in Australia will not be asked to return to Afghanistan if their security is at risk. 

The Australian Government will support Afghans who are currently on temporary visas in Australia. 

Afghan nationals who feel the need for a humanitarian visa will be strongly encouraged to seek Australian assistance. 

If you are an Afghan national seeking for immigration to Australia, then you might be eligible for one of these visas:

Ø  Protection Visa

Ø  Temporary Protection Visa

Ø  Safe Haven Enterprise Visa 

Ø  Global Special Humanitarian Visa 

Australian humanitarian programs


 For more information, please visit : Migration to Australia.


Protection Visa for Australia 

This visa is for people who arrived in Australia on a valid visa and want to seek asylum. 

It lets you stay in Australia permanently if you meet Australia’s protection obligations and meet all other requirements for the grant of the visa. 

With this visa, you can Live, work, and study in Australia permanently. 

Sponsor eligible family members for permanent residence through the offshore Humanitarian Program. 


 Temporary Protection Visa

This visa is for persons who have entered Australia without a visa and are seeking refuge. It allows you to stay in Australia temporarily if you agree to Australia’s protection commitments and fulfill all other visa conditions.


Safe Haven Enterprise Visa 

A safe haven enterprise visa, or SHEV, is a temporary protection visa for refugees who have entered Australia illegally and require protection from their home country or place of residency. You must be in Australia and have entered Australia without a valid visa to apply for this visa (illegally).


Global Special Humanitarian Visa 

This visa allows you to migrate to Australia with your immediate family if you are facing significant discrimination or human rights violations and have a proposer.


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If this whole article is summarized, we find that if any Afghan citizen enters Australia by any means (water or air), the Australian Government will not expel him but will give him every chance to become an Australian citizen step by step. You have suffered a lot. Now is the time to get benefits for that suffering. Global Heights is committed to providing you with all the information and services you need. Take care, stay well.

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