Never decide on going to a different country for studies without knowing their educational system. It’s always critical that you first comprehend how the Australian educational system functions if you’re considering moving there to pursue your studies. 

Here let’s go through the key details about studying in Australia for international students.

Structure of Australian Qualifications

The Australian Qualifications structure is a significant way that the Australian educational system differs from that of other nations (AQF).

This national system enables students to switch between academic levels while ensuring the legitimacy of the degree and the government-approved status of the institution of higher learning.

Students may transfer between Australian institutions thanks to the AQF (even international students, so long as they meet the requirements of their visa). 

Thanks to the formal agreements that AQF has with educational organizations in various countries, this even includes study at some international institutions.

Different types of study options in Australia

The three levels of the Australian educational system are consistent across all of Australia’s states and territories:

Primary education 

Kindergarten through either year 6 or year 7 comprises the 7-8-year primary school period in Australia.

Secondary education 

Years 7 or 8 through year 10 are typically covered by Australia’s secondary education system. Australian students enter the “senior secondary school” phase after completing year 10, which lasts for two years, from year 11 to year 12.

Tertiary education 

The Australian tertiary education system includes institutions of higher learning like colleges and vocational schools (VET).

Quality of the Australian education system

Particularly at the tertiary level, Australia’s educational system enjoys an excellent (and steadily improving) international reputation. Seven Australian universities made the top 100 global universities list this year, and 12 Australian universities were listed in the top 200.

If you intend to study abroad, Australia’s higher education meets your standards in terms of quality.

Comparison between the Australian Education System vs Other Countries

In terms of educational quality, Australia consistently ranks alongside the US and the UK.

Future international students should be aware that there are some differences between the educational systems in Australia’s universities and schools and those in other nations.

The Australian university system, which incorporates elements of both the US and UK tertiary education systems, uses a combination of tutorials and lectures. Australia offers students a high-quality education as well as a laid-back beach lifestyle; attractive cities like Melbourne and Sydney are consistently ranked among the world’s most liveable cities.

Check out our article here for more details on the comparisons between the educational systems in Australia, the United States, and the United Kingdom.

Australian educational expenses

The price of education varies in Australia depending on a number of variables. It is always important to carefully research the costs of education at the university to which you are applying because they vary between different universities and states. For international undergraduates and postgraduates, the average tuition cost in 2018 was around AU$ 30,840 and AU$ 31,596, respectively.

The cost of living in Australia is a factor that should be considered in addition to course fees. This will depend on the state you choose, the location of your accommodation within that state, and the type of international student housing you choose.

Australian-recognized credentials

Individual institutions decide which students are admitted to their programs, so each university in Australia will decide which credentials it will accept.

The institution will notify you during the application process if your qualification needs to be translated into English.


Now that you know the A to Z details of the Australian education system I hope it will be easier for you to come to a decision. Moreover, if you are facing any issues with the application process let us know.

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