Are you preparing to begin your degree or university preparatory course in a foreign country and wondering how to make friends at university?

Studying for a route degree at the Melbourne Metropolitan College is already a fantastic opportunity to meet new people as you begin your university career. 

Arriving in a place where you don’t know anybody might be intimidating, but keep in mind that route providers and universities are full of students eager to share their experiences and interact with others.

Follow these five simple guidelines to make friends in Australia, and you’ll likely meet some new pals.

1. Choose to stay with other students rather than alone

When you live with other people, you rapidly get to know them and can establish incredible connections that last a lifetime! If you have multiple possibilities for student housing, consider selecting one that allows you to share your everyday life with other students. 

Having meals with your housemates or hanging out in a common space is a good way to socialize and bond. The Melbourne Metropolitan College offers a variety of shared student housing alternatives. For example, at Urbanest, you may use common facilities such as a games area and a movie theater, where you can easily meet other students. You might also consider a homestay with a local family.

2. Attend university programs

It is essential to participate in orientation programs at your institution or university! It will not only help you prepare for the start of your studies, but it will also provide you with an opportunity to meet your new classmates.

For new residents, Adelaide City Care also conducts a New Arrivals Dinner and a Food and Fun Day. Throughout the year, StudyAdelaide and the City of Adelaide conduct a variety of orientation and social activities for students, so it’s worth following their social channels to keep a lookout.

3. Actively participate in organizing group plans

Taking the effort to plan enjoyable events is an excellent approach to bringing people together. If you’re hosting supper at your apartment on a Friday night, you can ask classmates to join you. Alternatively, if you’re heading to the beach or having a picnic, you may organize a get-together and meet your new pals! Exploring the city on a day trip or weekend away is a terrific opportunity for the group to get to know each other better while enjoying some amazing experiences. 

The Central Market, Glenelg Beach, Adelaide Zoo, and the adjacent Barossa Valley are just a few of the excellent locations to visit in Adelaide.

4. Play sports or join a club

You may join a variety of clubs, groups, and sports teams at each university. Whether you enjoy theater or frisbee, there is a community of possible new friends waiting for you.

The College Social Club of the Melbourne Metropolitan College organizes a variety of social activities throughout the year, such as themed parties, quiz evenings, dancing lessons, and movie nights.

You will also be able to participate in any of the over 100 clubs and societies offered to University of Adelaide students.

5. Take on a part-time job

Did you know that you may work 20 hours per week as a local or foreign student in Australia? Having a little extra cash in your pocket surely helps to alleviate financial stress. 

A part-time job is also an excellent option for overseas students to practice their English. But, most of all, you get to meet a variety of individuals at work. is a good place to look for casual or part-time work in Australia, and student services can also assist you in writing a resume and looking for work.

Going to Australia for academic studies is a very big decision because you’ll be leaving everyone in your home country. To make your journey in Australia more memorable you must make friends.

So don’t be shy and take a step forward to talk to others and meet people. Hope you make some amazing friends in your career. 

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