Permanent residency (PR) is what many international students aim for when applying for higher education in a foreign nation. After studying abroad, international aspirants get the privilege of residing in a foreign country under this permanent residence (PR) status. 

There are specific regulations with regard to allotting PR for international students in Australia. Not every course will lead to this outcome, so this is an important aspect that you should know more about.

How to Apply For PR In Australia

There are different pathways to Australian PR, including the Skilled Migration program. 

Skilled Migration Program is a program that grants PR based on the work experience and skills of the applicant. Every year, the Australian Department of Home Affairs publishes a compilation of in-demand jobs that play a part in the nation’s development.

An international student who completes a course related to a job on the Skilled Occupation list in Australia, has a greater chance of getting an Australian Permanent Residency. In other words, every student who wants to settle in the nation should pursue a course with a high prospect for PR that will keep being in demand for a while. 

Later, we will discuss some of the courses, but not all. Therefore, be sure to look for the latest PR list courses in Australia, for a better idea about your possible options. Several international students still apply for Australian PR statuses after graduation.

Benefits of PR In Australia

The PR visa in Australia stays valid for five years. You would be eligible to apply for Australian citizenship if you live and work here for four years with the said visa. The PR status or visa allows you to apply for some educational loans in Australia.

They will even sponsor the permanent residency of your family members, subject to meeting some prerequisites. Lastly, you can have free education for children of a particular age group and apply for a government job 

Eligible Courses for PR In Australia

Below is a list of courses that qualify for a PR in Australia along with the average annual salaries offered upon course completion:


Pursuing an automotive course in Australia offers more than enough opportunities for every international student who is passionate about vehicles. It lets them get PR in Australia as well. 

Automotive industry occupations in Australia with high demand, include automotive electrician, diesel motor mechanic, motorcycle mechanic, and motor mechanic. Finishing your education will allow you to apply for one of those positions and begin a career in Australia’s automotive sector.

Computer Science and Information Technology 

Every nation requires professionals from the fields of computer science and information technology, including Australia. The booming economy of the nation satisfies the needs and demands of IT professionals who have degrees from recognized Australian universities. 

Many different universities here offer various courses in the fields. Taking up those courses opens up many career opportunities for students, besides improving their odds of getting qualified for PR in Australia. 

Some of the jobs on the latest Skilled Occupation List are ICT security specialist, ICT business analyst, as well as computer network, and systems engineer.


Among other things, Australia is renowned for its education system. A student who pursues a teaching career can inspire the curious minds of students, thus having an impact on the nation’s development. It will make it possible for them to submit an application for PR here. 

Taking up a teaching course in Australia possibly contributes to several career opportunities, such as lecturer at a university to name one. The latest jobs that come on the list for this category include early childhood teachers, primary school teachers, and special needs teachers.


Engineering is among the best-known options on the PR list of courses in Australia that international students choose for the top-quality curriculum from a world-class university in the nation. 

Australian universities provide a wide array of courses in engineering to international students. There is a high demand for engineers in Australia. Civil engineering technician, civil engineering draftsperson, electrical engineering technician, and electrical engineering draftsperson are among the engineering occupations that feature on the latest list.

Nursing Courses


Australia has a top-notch healthcare system. It is among the best nations for pursuing a healthcare career. Therefore, thousands of international students and locals pursue Australian nursing courses for a solid basis for their healthcare careers. 

Universities in Australia are known for offering top-notch healthcare programs at various levels. Because nursing is among the most coveted courses in Australia’s healthcare industry, it has high prospects for PR. 

The population is increasing in Australia, so there is more demand for adept medical workers as well. Registered nurses, nursing clinical directors, and nurse practitioners are among the jobs featured on the 2022 list.

Social Work

Courses in social work appeal to students from across the globe. They are interested in pursuing the courses so that they can work with the underprivileged and make a big difference in other people’s lives by offering advice, support, or assistance to integrate socially displaced people back into society. 

It is possible for you to pursue a different course in social work in Australia, such as a course in psychiatry to name one. Moreover, having a degree in social work will allow you to apply for a job that comes on the PR list courses in Australia. The latest SOL includes occupations such as social worker, welfare worker, and welfare center manager.

Dentistry Courses

Pursuing a dentistry course in Australia will offer many exciting career options for you and will contribute to you getting your PR in Australia. Any international student can pursue a dental degree course at an eligible Australian university. 

Moreover, after completing the degree, you may pick between a few of Australia’s best-known dentistry careers, such as a dental therapist, dental prosthetist, dental hygienist, and dental technician. You can choose another career path, such as teaching or general practice to name one. Dental specialists and dentists are the latest options available on the SOL.

Psychology Courses

Skilled jobs for permanent residency in Australia include psychology courses. A country that values mental well-being, Australia always sees high requirements for psychological occupations, such as counselors, psychologists, psychiatrists, and more. 

Most universities in Australia offer a wide variety of courses in psychology, including bachelor’s in psychology. Clinical psychologists, organizational psychologists, and educational psychologists are the options featured on the latest skilled occupations list.

Medical Courses

Studying an MBBS or MD course in Australia also allows one to get PR since medical practitioners are in high demand here. In a general sense, these courses take 5 to 7 years to complete as well as are available as MCI or WHO-certified options that can contribute to internships and placements in medical science. 

Medical oncologists, medical laboratory scientists, resident medical officers, and medical practitioners are some of the latest inclusions on the SOL.


If you’re looking to get a PR in Australia, contact Global Heights as we assist you in your journey. We will make sure your admission process is hassle-free and the courses you choose are beneficial for your career. 

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