Every student struggles for studying, and getting through these obstacles is just a way of learning, especially when you have a heavy workload.

These problems might be anything from brief interruptions to persistent demotivation and low productivity.

The key is to remember that these problems can be handled with the appropriate attitude, even though it can feel like it takes incredible effort.

Student life has its challenging moments. Although every person’s circumstances are different, there are some issues that practically every student faces at least once in a while they are enrolled in classes. Get a head start on preparing for potential problems if you’re headed off to institutions.

In this blog post, we are offering potential solutions to some of the most prevalent study struggles that can affect students at any level of their academic careers.


student struggles


1. Student Struggles in Time Management

Academically, college is difficult. For many students, college courses demand much more work than high school courses. Colleges, unlike the majority of high schools, frequently cram two years’ worth of material into one.

While many enroll in a regular 15-credit semester, some attempt to pack in as many as 18 or even 21 credits. It can seem impossible to keep up with everything at times.

Solution: Know your limitations. It will be more cost-effective in the long term to take only 15 credits if you can’t handle 18 in one semester.

While obtaining the most knowledge possible is the goal of college education, this does not need constant study.

To keep your mind sharp and uncluttered, it’s crucial to arrange a time for enjoyment and to take pauses.

2. Student Struggles in Less Motivation

One of the major concerns you could face while in school is a lack of motivation. Gaining your qualifications can feel like an impossible task if you lack the emotional motivation to succeed.

Understanding the causes of poor motivation is essential; these causes are not always the same for different people. Low motivation may be felt for all subjects or just certain of them; some of its prevalent causes include:

  • You have plenty of things to do and you are tired out and anxious.
  • There are more intriguing activities available.
  • You dislike the topic because you find it dull or for some other reason.
  • You don’t enjoy your instructor for a particular subject.
  • Studying doesn’t feel vital right now because you have other things going on in your life.
  • You’re not sleeping well or aren’t in the best of health.
  • You are too concerned about failing.


  • Divide work into small portions.
  • Be true and gentle to yourself.
  • be in the present moment.
  • Every time you have a good experience, write a journal.
  • Reward yourself for your efforts, no matter how minor it is.

3. Too Many Distractions

Nowadays, there are so many outward cues that it’s no surprise that many kids feel disoriented. The capacity of students to concentrate on studying can be severely hampered by social media, friends, phones, television, video games, and trips.

It’s time to switch to a working environment that is more suitable for learning if you feel like there are too many distractions affecting your efficiency.

You may probably overcome the influence of all these outside distractions by setting up a conducive environment for learning. Remove from your desk the items you are aware of are your weaknesses. Your phone, the internet, your TV, and other devices may be examples of this.

Limit your socializing to the weekends, and think about downloading a browser extension that prevents you from visiting Facebook or other popular websites for a set amount of time.

Try utilizing an app that will cover the screen with whatever you’re working on if you need to use your computer to write essays so that the internet isn’t a distraction. Dark Room is one such program that will provide you with a distraction-free computing environment.

One such application that will provide you with a distraction-free computer experience is called Dark Room. Try working someplace else if you find it tough to complete your task at home due to the numerous distractions.

An excellent venue might be the library since there would be peace and quiet and you can keep your phone in your locker.


  • Plan the previous night.
  • Practice meditation every single day.
  • Get comfortable with the environment.

4. Relationships Struggles

Relationships are good in life, but they can be overwhelming. Sometimes they take a lot of time and can begin to encroach on your education.

There are times in every relationship when a couple will have a disagreement which can distract them from schoolwork and add to stress levels. Break-ups can drive some students even further into depression.

Solution: Although beneficial, relationships may often be stressful. They can sometimes take a long time and start to interfere with your study.

Every partnership may occasionally experience a fight that will keep them from studying and raise their stress levels. Some students may become even more depressed after a breakup.

5. Depression

Each issue on this list has the potential to make students more stressed out and lead to emotional lows. Party life, which may be overdone and have long-term negative effects, provides some people with short-term respite.

Solution: Seek out expert assistance if stress and depression are a problem. Numerous colleges provide free counseling services to students. Counselors are taught to talk to pupils and assist them in getting back on track.


Students’ strengths and the aspects of university life they are most or least at ease with will vary. Even if it may seem like you are dealing with the same issues, keep in mind that everyone you encounter at college comes from a different background.

You never know how someone else is going to approach their own solution. Make an attempt to comprehend why your buddy or classmate is having trouble with anything.

A little polite advice might go ways away since most likely, their issue is more serious than it may appear to you.

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