The long-awaited moment has finally come and you got admitted to an Australian college or university. You’re extremely happy and excited like never before and why shouldn’t you be?

Australian universities mostly accept the best candidates so this definitely is a great accomplishment. This will be a life-changing moment for you, not just in terms of your higher education, but also in your entire future.

Studying in Australia will highly impact your career as well as benefit from this amazing opportunity as much as you can. 

Apart from all the excitement and benefits, you have to go through one last step and that is the 485 visa Australia interview. In case you haven’t heard, there are numerous stories about how horrifying the whole visa application process can be. 

But with us, nothing scary is going to happen, not even the visa interview. Stay with us till the end to learn the tips to get your 485 visa Australia approved

#1 Providing Wrong Information

Submitting false information in your operation could affect your visa rejection, cancellation, or band for any other visa operation. Visa case officers have experience and elements in catching false/ deceiving information you have provided. 

However, there will have no chance to get your 485 visa Australia approved If your case officer induced that you have handed in false/ deceiving information. Further, indeed you get your visa approved, that could be canceled while you’re on that visa or on another visa. 

It isn’t that everyone who successfully gets their 485 visa Australia approved, is handed 100 true or accurate information but it’s explosively recommended to give true and accurate information with your visa operation.

#2 Submitting enough supporting materials

To make a 485 visa Australia decision, your case officer relies on your supporting documents and other affiliated matters. Your case officer needs all the supporting documents to move himself to grant you a visa. 

If you failed to give applicable supporting documents also will obviously fail to move your case officer to grant you a visa. Your visa operation should be decision-ready, don’t stay for your case officer to request it. 

Case officers have the power to take decisions counting on whichever you have to give formerly. thus, you may noway have a request for any supporting documents but get a visa turndown. Preparing and furnishing all the supporting documents at the time of operation is explosively recommended. 

Your registered migration agent will be suitable to give you a complete documents checklist you may need for your 485 visa Australia according to your circumstances. It’s the aspirant’s responsibility to give them

#3 Getting advice from a Non-Registered Agent

Hiring a Registered Migration agent could help you to avoid numerous miscalculations as their experts in this field. So-called registered migration agents, who aren’t registered as active with OMARA could put your visa and life in jeopardy. 

Please take redundant care when you choose your Registered migration agent. Always check their active enrollment on the OMARA website

#4 Submitting contradictory documents

All handed supporting documents should be matched with your story, and arguments as well as align with other supporting documents. If your handed documents don’t serve their purpose also those may beget a negative impact on your 485 visa Australia issues. 

You are also should be careful that your different documents don’t tell a different story. In case any documents aren’t showing exact information as it should be also it should have a proper explanation with it. 

Your case officer may not have any idea about your country’s system or its documents so it’s your responsibility to move your case officer with applicable supporting documents. 

For example, in colorful documents, your name could be written in a different way such as in a short format or had codifying mistake which couldn’t be changed at this time. Without proper supporting documents and explanation, your visa may be refused as you failed to establish your identity. 

#5 Not providing translated documents

It’s your responsibility to prepare the documents according to the conditions. Some general conditions could be, restated in English, certified, color checkup and so no. preparing documents consequently will maximize your chances of getting your 485 visa Australia approved.

#6 You must respond within the provided time limit

In numerous cases, your case officer may request further supporting documents. Each request would come with time limits to the response. However, the case officer may give a negative decision about your operation as you failed to give any supporting documents on time If no responses could be made within that duration. 

This situation could be fluently avoidable by checking your emails (including spam brochures), giving a postal address where you can get your posts, respond on time, indeed you may always request redundant time if needed( giving you redundant time is your case officers discretional power) further time to prepare those documents.

#7 Being overconfident or not being serious 

We have seen numerous guests get their 485 visa Australia refused just because of overconfidence. Their arguments are, I’ve had this visa numerous times noway been refused any visa I’ve enough plutocrat to satisfy and so on. Please keep in mind that, each time you put an operation for a visa, its eligibility should be matched at the time of decision. 

The case officer checks your eligibility at the time of your new visa decision, in utmost cases case officer doesn’t consider how numerous times you have traveled to that county, how important plutocrat you have if you failed to satisfy the case officer with proper supporting documents also your visa turndown threat is high. 

Please take redundant care and treat your every 485 visa Australia operation with due respect.


Looks like we’re at the end of the line. Going to Australia is a dream for many but just because of the 485 visa Australia issue many candidates’ dreams have been shattered. 

So do follow the tips we’ve given you so that you can ace the process and live the Australian dream. 

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